Does your program prepare me to do Massage Therapy in BC?

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I am considering moving to British Columbia to pursue a career in massage therapy there. Will your program help give me the skills i need to do massage therapy in BC?AnswerYes. The 2,200 hour program, along with specific continuing education courses, can help you fulfill the requirements for the AIT Courses required by the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia ...

I graduated from another school, but have not passed the C.M.T.O. Exams.

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After 3 attempts i still cannot pass the CMTO and am now required to obtain a Second Diploma before I can attempt these exams again. Do you offer this training? I feel as though I can get better ...AnswerGREAT NEWS! We would consider offering you Advanced Standing in some courses. The process is similar to Transfer Credits. Please contact the school to discuss your personal situation.

I am on a tight budget and may have difficulty with the payment schedule. Can the school put me on a personal payment plan?

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I really want to attend your school as I feel that more courses of this nature should be offered. The 1 year option is very appealing to me but my funds are limited. Can you offer me a personal payment ...AnswerYes! INTEREST-FREE payment plans are available. Feel free to discuss your needs and concerns with our staff when you come in for your initial interview.

I don’t have a background in science – will I be able to complete the course?

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I have never really taken any science based courses in the past. I was just wanting to know if I will still be able to enroll in your massage therapy course.AnswerThe short answer is Yes! The type of sciences taught in the program are applied sciences and we give you plenty of personal attention and practical application to help you understand the material.

What is the $20,000 Advantage All About?

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I have been looking for a 1 Year Massage therapy program in Toronto for a long time and I came across I.C.A.T.  I was hoping you could provide additional information about the $20,00 advantage? What ...AnswerWhen you take into account that our program is only one year, versus 18-36 months at other schools, not only are you out working long before students at any other school, but you aren’t commuting ...

I would like to Apply today. However, I need more information. Can I just drop in to speak with the Dean?

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I am interested in attending your massage therapy school but i would like more information, do I need an appointment to see the Dean? AnswerThe Dean can see you by appointment ONLY. We warmly welcome you to visit the school and meet with our staff who can answer any questions you may have. We hold personal meetings and tours. Contact ...